Who is Fitalicious Fitness... My name is Dee and I am a Master Trainer in Personal Training with years of experience. With certifications in 12 week transformation, Performance Nutrition ( levels 1 & 2) I aim to help educate my clients not just whilst they are with me but to continue on going forward!

Being in a healthy environment and helping clients achieve their desired results only fuels my passion further as a personal trainer. Through all of this, my own desire to transform my body has become an addiction. To see results from the hard work and discipline is definitely a pay off!

It just proves whatever you believe in and put your mind to, you can achieve anything!

I hope to be an inspiration for my clients! Having a fit and healthy lifestyle can be challenging but remember it is rewarding. As a personal trainer, we should be here to motivate you, challenge you, guide you but most of all support you! Together as a team, through my experience in training and with your commitment to train and maintain a healthy eating plan, we will achieve your goals.


 In Health, 


 Dee Whitworth


 Fitalicious Fitness “Empowering you to a healthier lifestyle”



 I want to help "Empower you to a healthier lifestyle".

Making lifestyle changes takes time and as we all know it won't happen overnight!

Training should be enjoyable & motivating just enough for you to keep up the consistency in order for you to achieve your desired results. Together we will make that happen!


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